USGEAA Gets First Patron and Awards Walter Carrington Award
  The United States Government Exchange Alumni Association, led by the President, Mr. Mike Okwoche, paid a courtesy visit to the Esama of Benin, Sir, Chief (Dr.) Gabriel Osawaru Igbinedion in the ancient city of Benin, on Monday, April 4th 2022. The visitation was to establish collaborative relationships between the Esama of Benin and the USGEAA through the alumni groups in Edo state. The visit to Benin city accorded the USGEAA Exco the opportunity to meet a collection of Alumni members in Edo state at the Window on America. It was an opportunity for alumni members to know each other and form a group towards collaboration. They requested more showcases of their activities by the USGEAA and moral/social support for their individual programs. In a statement by the President, He urged Alumni Members to maximize opportunities bestowed on them through the American corner to learn and advance personal skills, further assuring them of his support. The meeting served as an opportunity for other Alumni Members to network with EXCO Members. The team alongside Alumni Members in Benin then moved directly to the Esama's palace. Upon arrival, they were greeted by the Esama's Friends and Family who expressed a deep sense of pleasure about the visit. They maintained that the United States remains key partner to Nigeria's growth and prosperity and occasions like this are a good way to nurture the already existing relationship. The Presentation of the Walter Carrington Award, launched in 2021 by the USGEAA was received by the Esama of Benin who was also decorated as the first Patron of the USGEAA. The President added that the Esama of Benin is a role model and a great example that should be emulated. He sought the Esama’s partnership with the USGEAA through programs by various alumni groups to empower and build social growth. The Esama of Benin accepted to be the Patron of the USGEAA and expressed happiness to be so honoured. He further urged the Association to make themselves welcome in His Palace at any time there was a need. The meeting ended with a group #photograph and media engagement between the Team and Alumni Members. The USGEAA thanks its Alumni Members for their support and continued cooperation.

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